Elite For Engineering Solutions is a leading in providing Infrastructure in Telecommunications, Energy Services sector, Engineering industries and Delivering turnkey solutions to its clients. We Proudly serve clients on an international and a national scale.

In a highly competitive environment, EES aims to be the leading reference and the preferred business partner for telecom providers within the MENA region through delivering premium quality telecom and IT consultancy services, reliable infrastructure rollout, and distinctive VAS.

EES delivers one of the telecommunications industry’s broadest portfolios of engineering,
materials and services to operators and vendors, manufacturing and sale of steel structures in telecommunication industry, as well as partnering with equipment manufacturers and infrastructure providers within the telecommunications, energy sectors and Electromechanical sectors also.

We specialize in infrastructure integrated solutions, telecom industry (mobile & fixed), telephony operators, ISPs, cellular rollout, outsourcing, optimization & radio planning services, GSM/CDMA/ LTE networks, fiber optics, and facility management.

EES also specializes in electromechanical supplies, material planning, maintenance services, telecom implementation, (PPC) production procurements & construction, (PSS) products supplies& services, material & tools supply facilities and (EIS) engineering industries solutions by achieving extraordinary results for our customers.

Our services are specifically tailored for each individual client in order to ensure the best delivery of our multitude of services. EES is committed to provide high quality services and products on time, within budget and an effective manner which leads to a long term progress.

Recognizing a worldwide need for ground breaking expertise in the energy market, EES TELECOM has begun focusing its extensive engineering experience and resources on providing innovative and practical solutions to clients’ power consumption reduction. To this end, complete system management across all of the technologies deployed in Telecommunications networks is being refined to reduce carbon footprints and curtail rising maintenance costs.

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