Chairman's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the Intercom Enterprises website and to share with you our inspiring journey of resilience and success to achieve financial growth amidst ongoing economic changes we have faced since 2015 till today.

We have pumped new blood into the organization and affected key organizational changes. We have invested in our operational excellence by implementing new initiatives, best practices and world-class methodologies in our day-to-day work. We have also refreshed our service offerings, qualitatively and quantitatively, launched new business lines and enriched our partners’ ecosystem.

Our growth strategies continue to be based on a platform of resilience, learning and excellence. We stand firm to keep abreast of technology innovations as they emerge and bring to the market those proven and reliable solutions that are capable of enhancing our customer’s bottom line and maximizing the return on their investments in their solutions.

On behalf of the Intercom team, I would like to express our commitment to achieve our stakeholder’s satisfaction. For our customers, we plan to provide excellent and cost-efficient deliveries; for our global vendors, we are committed to add value and to create win-win relationships for all; and finally for our employees we are committed to provide an environment of continuous learning and development that enables them to achieve their success and growth.

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